My First Visit to Death Valley
June, 2005
A Cursory Sampling of Views

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In June of 2005, I was sent to Death Valley National Park to help take inventory in the various gift shops that are located miles apart within this huge park. Since we couldn't start inventory until the stores had closed for the day, I had some free daylight hours while I was there, and of course, I spent some of that time taking photos.

I know there are people who've been to Death Valley many times, especially those who hike or camp in the more remote corners of the park, who may look at these photos and say, "That's not the real Death Valley!!" and they'd be partly right.

Admittedly, these photos are merely a quick look at the most developed areas of the park, a few of the sights that tourists "must" see, and a few places most easily reached by driving on the main roads.

Here's how this 69-photo slide show breaks down:

#01-17 - Furnace Creek, Borax Museum
#18-21 - Bad Water
#22-28 - Borax Works
#29-41 - Rhyolite
#42-43 - Along the road
#44-47 - Ubehebe Crater
#47-53 - Stovepipe Wells
#53-69 - Scotty's Castle

I hope you enjoy what I've put together here.

- Rosie McGee

P.S.  There are many websites with information on Death Valley, starting with the National Park Service's own site that links to others ... type into your browser ...


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