The Oregon Garden
Photo Exhibit/Slide Show

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The Oregon Garden is located in Silverton, Oregon, about 15 miles east of Salem, on the site of a former Arabian horse ranch. Opened in March 2001 with a goal of growing into a world-class botanical display garden, the 64-acre Garden is planned to ultimately include 240 acres. These photos were taken on my first visit in September of 2002. (You'll note my lack of botanical expertise by the non-botanical captions, but my heart's in the right place.)

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Upper garden entrance

Garden overview (partial)

Basket of flowers

Burgundy Grass

Cluster of grasses

Leaves in water

Bridge railing

Pond algae

Line of boulders

Single rose

Hill of flowers

Waterfall garden

Pink water lily

Passion Flower

Yellow flowers

Cluster of flowers




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